Services from Greenscape Gardens

Design, Delivery, & Planting Referral Services

Feel free to bring us pictures of your yard and we'll help design the garden of your dreams!  It all starts with a photo and some measurements of the area.  Also make note of the amount of sun the area will get and how well the area drains. 

Greenscape Gardens makes it easy for you to make new additions to your landscape with our delivery and planting referral services.  Delivery is based on your location and starts at $50 (5 mile radius).  For purchases over $450 the delivery fee is 10% of the purchase price. 

Planting referrals are given at time of purchase, we work with professional landscape installers who you will contact for scheduling.  Installation fees are 60% of plant price and is to be paid directly to the installer.  Plant deliveries/plantings may be scheduled according to zip code.  You do not need to be home for deliveries or plantings, we will give you marking flags for indicating the location.  Please have all utilities and underground wires marked before we arrive.  We offer these services within a 20 mile radius, we apologize if we are unable to deliver/plant to you outside of this radius.

Our Guarantee

50/50 Fair Policy

We maintain the highest standard of quality.

We warranty all plants to be true to name, in a healthy growing condition,

and free of diseases and insects.


There is no expressed or implied replacement warranty on annuals, perennials,

roses, grasses, groundcovers, tropicals, sod or houseplants.


Trees and shrubs guaranteed for 50% -- 6 months.

(re-installation fee is 50% of plant price)


Guarantee is void due to incorrect site selection,

improper maintenance or acts of God.


Effective September 22, 2011