Our Essential Plant Care Guide

We have carefully nurtured this plant throughout its early life, now we are entrusting it to you. By following our advice, your plant will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.

Please follow these guidelines:

Choose the right plant for the right location, make sure your selected plant likes the amount of sun it will be exposed to and the amount of water it will receive.

  • Proper planting is essential:
  • Be sure to dig a hole 50% wider than the container or root ball, break up compacted soil
  • Amend the planting site with compost as needed
  • Loosen the roots of a containerized plant
  • Plant an inch or two higher than ground level (even higher on pines and spruce)
  • Be sure to remove all roping and loosen/cut away burlap from the trunk when necessary
  • Gently soak newly installed plants to fill air pockets, use a root stimulator for faster root establishment
  • Add mulch to the surface, this will help the plant retain moisture

Please do not allow new plants to dry out, monitor soil moisture at least once or twice a week. Some plants require more water than others (certain evergreens may require less water than deciduous plants).

Our guarantee is valid only if these guidelines have been followed. If we determine that the plant has not been properly cared for, the guarantee is no longer valid. Don’t hesitate to call us for further assistance!


Greenscape Guarantee

Hopefully, you won’t need this…But just in case…

Our Guarantee

50/50 Fair Policy

We maintain the highest standard of quality.

We warranty all plants to be true to name, in a healthy growing condition,

and free of diseases and insects.


There is no expressed or implied replacement warranty on annuals, perennials,

roses, grasses, groundcovers, tropicals, sod or houseplants.


Trees and shrubs guaranteed for 50% -- 6 months.

(If re-installation by Greenscape is to be arranged, the re-installation fee

will be 50% of the original planting fee.)


Guarantee is void due to incorrect site selection,

improper maintenance or acts of God.


Effective September 22, 2011